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Why is Publix So Profitable?

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The state of the world as it exists today might lead you to believe that the prosperity that some people get to enjoy is only possible as a result of the subjugation, disenfranchisement and overall discrimination of others. A lot of businesses operate with a cutthroat mentality, and their profit margins often justify the steps that they take to meet the bottom line. The thing is, there are a few companies out there that manage to be profitable without taking part in questionable business practices, and there is a pretty good chance that Publix is one of them.

This is because of the fact that Publix is a company that prides itself on respecting the dignity of all individuals, which is why despite it being a private company 80% of its shares are owned by its employees. The truth of the situation is that these employees also get a chance to enjoy cutting edge benefits such as Paperless Pay which allows them to get their paycheck without needing to obtain a physical copy for it which is just one representation of how modern Publix truly is.

The secret to Publix’s ability to not just earn a profit but to also increase this profit rate every single year is that it respects its employees and it also manages to offer a product selection that is competitive enough to make it desirable to customers. Customers also generally tend to like the fact that Publix treats its employees so well, and it manages to do so without any kind of performativity such as waxing poetic about worker’s rights and feminism all the while exploiting people which is something that other big corporations do rather frequently.