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What Does It Mean to Remain in Guardianship?

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Most adults are more than capable of making their own decisions, but there is a pretty good chance that they would not be able to do so if they were in some way incapacitated. This can occur because of illness, accidents or just general old age, and whenever something of this nature occurs someone else can be given guardianship over these individuals. This guardian is someone that is legally empowered to make decisions on their behalf which can be useful in situations where they can’t make these decisions all on their own.

Remain in guardianship is a slightly different term in that it refers to minors for the most part. This is because of the fact that minors need someone older to provide for them and help them get on the right path in life, and the truth of the situation is that you need someone that they can remain in the guardianship of if you pass away before your time has come. Remaining in guardianship allows these children to continue reading and writing in their educational journeys, and it also helps maintain a reasonable level of stability that allows them to get over the trauma of such things occurring.

Basically, when you die your children will remain in the guardianship of someone that you selected for the role. If you don’t select someone specific, your kids might just go to your nearest relatives who might not be suitably equipped for the job. An even worse scenario would involve them going to foster care which is obviously not something that you would ever want for your child. This is a crucial element in child care and other legal matters.