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How You Can Earn More as a Yoga Teacher

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Despite the widespread popularity of yoga around the globe, many good yoga teachers are still trying hard to make ends meet. There are very few industries in which professionals working for 60 hours a week still struggle to pay their bills.

But why does this happen to yoga teachers only? The fact is, yoga studios have to pay their bills, and do proper maintenance before paying their teachers. At this stage, there’s isn’t enough money left to pay their yoga instructors.

However, if you’re a yoga teacher, there are various ways for you to earn more with your yoga practice.

Start Teaching in Colleges

Many universities and colleges in your area might be offering yoga classes to their students regularly. You can join these colleges to earn passive income outside your yoga studio. You can get in touch with the job department at your local universities and colleges to find out if they have any openings for yoga instructors.

You can also get in touch with community centers to start teaching yoga there and earn more money. You can join institutes and teach in courses like Marianne Wells Yoga Teacher Training as well.

Get in Touch With Companies

You can also get in touch with local companies to find out if they are interested in providing their employees with yoga classes. Many companies are doing it these days. You can provide the company with your rate per class, and no matter how many students come to your class, charge a flat rate.

Become a Yoga Writer

While a majority of online publications related to yoga do not pay you at all, some still do. So, if you like Writing, you can become a freelance yoga writer to earn some passive income.

Moreover, you can create your own website and provide it with back links from credible resources. It will help increase traffic on your personal website, and you can sell products on your site as well.