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How to Use Audience to Advertise in Google Image Ads

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Running ads on Google is a great way to gain exposure, and while it might fall expensive during the nascent stage of you managing a business, suffice it to say that it will pay for itself several times over in the long run. The thing is, you can’t just put up an ad on Google and call it a day. This is something that a lot of people do, and it frustrates us to no end due to the reason that they can get a lot more out of this endeavor if they actually used their audience to advertise.

What we are basically trying to say here is that your ads should be optimized based on your audience. While using image extensions on Google Ads and other such features will be essential in and of itself, audience targeting is another aspect of this affair that you would do well to focus on. In order to use your own audience to try to improve your advertising potential, you should go to the Display Network for your ads before doing anything else.

Once you are there, you can click on targeting to see what options are available to you at that precise interval. A fairly large number of demographic categories are at your disposal here, and as a result of the fact that this is the case you should do some research to see what demographics your products are most popular with. That can result in a situation wherein your ads would target people that are most likely going to take an interest in them instead of being shown to individuals who would basically just ignore them.