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How to Record a Facebook Live Video

Girl using Facebook

Watching a live stream can be a really great way for you to see a particular content creator or celebrity in a relatively realistic light. Most of the time whenever someone or the other uploads a video they will likely have sanitized it to a really large degree so that they can pretend that they are a lot more talented than they actually are, but this is not something that is all that possible with live streams which is why so many people love to watch them without a shadow of a doubt.

Sometimes you would want to save videos de facebook so that you can make the most of them by watching them later on at your leisure. After all, you won’t always have the time to watch a live stream as it is happening, and recording it for later can help you to consume it properly when you are fully relaxed. As a result of the fact that this is the case, recording the live stream is likely something that you are really eager to learn how to do, and we have a way to do so that would be incredibly easy for you.

Most phones these days come with a really handy kind of screen recording feature. You can just open the control center of your phone, turn screen recording on and then open the live stream so that you can start recording it. You might need to keep the stream open on your phone so that it records the right thing. Try to keep your phone on charge because screen recording can be a really energy intensive process that will kill your battery in no time.