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How Long Should Caulk Dry Before Pressure Washing?

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Noticing a spreading patch of mold on your wall can fill you with dread with regards to what the future might hold, and that has a lot to do with how quickly it will grow thereby having a fairly ruinous impact on the structural integrity of the walls that are holding your home up right now. You should know that there is probably a leak somewhere behind the wall that is creating the favorably moist conditions for your mold growth, so suffice it to say that plugging the leak and then caulking the wall should do the trick.

This will make it so that the mold would no longer have the water it needs to survive, and it will eventually dry up and die. That said, the green stain left behind by the mold can be quite troublesome for most people, and by using  power washing near me they can eliminate every trace of the existence of previous mold once and for all. However, it is crucial to remember that you need to wait for your caulk to dry before you pressure wash it due to the reason that wet caulk will get washed away.

It is best to leave the caulk to dry for around forty eight to sixty hours at the bare minimum. This will give it time to not just dry but set in place as well, after which you can pressure wash to your heart’s content. Caulk that gets washed out will leave your wall joints exposed, and the moisture will enter into it which can give mold a chance to come back with a vengeance. Hence, caulk drying is most definitely important.