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How Long Can You Run a Pressure Washer?

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Have you ever wondered why using an air conditioner is perfectly fine, but if you were to leave your fridge door open to cool down your home this would result in it breaking down in no time? There is a pretty good chance that this has to do with the manner in which each device was constructed. Fridges were made with a sealed door in mind, one that would conserve the cool air that they create and the amount of coolant that they contain has been optimized accordingly. ACs, on the other hand, have quick cycles that make them spew out cold air a lot more regularly.

This just goes to show that any product you buy has a proper usage technique that you would ideally want to be cognizant of. Pressure washer enthusiasts often find themselves disappointed when their pressure washers stop working, and the truth of the situation is that that is usually because they left them on for too long. When you try to opt for power washing Pearland, it is essential to avoid keeping your machine on for longer than a period of five minutes.

This is because of the fact that any motor that increases pressure generates a fair bit of heat, and the fact of the matter is that if you let this heat build up it will start to melt the wiring around it thereby severing the connection. Some lower end pressure washers can’t be run for longer than three minutes at a time after which they need to be rested. You need to let your pressure washer cool down before turning it on again lest you run the risk of damaging it.