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How Do Professionals Clean Carpets?

sarasota carpet and rug cleaning

One of the most enduring and prevailing misconceptions that many individuals have around carpet cleaning is that hiring someone for that task is basically the same as hiring a maid service. While there are certainly some similarities between these two types of services, there is a pretty good chance that a maid service would not come anywhere close to the level of cleaning that a specialized carpet cleaner is capable of providing. All that you can expect from a maid is some basic vacuuming, and though this alone is quite convenient specialized deep cleaning of a rug involves much more than this basic process.

When you go for the best carpet cleaning service that the world contains, the truth of the situation is that you’d experience a level of carpet cleaning that is several orders of magnitude greater than what a maid service would have offered. This is because of the fact that professional carpet cleaners use amazing devices called hot water extractors, and their efficacy in the realm of carpet cleaning really needs to be seen in order to be believed.

Expert carpet cleaners can use this hot water extractor to do a lot more than just remove surface level debris from a rug. The fact of the matter is that they would delve so deep into the fibers that dirt that was clumped up at the very base would end up getting cleaned up as well. You can hire a maid service for basic weekly cleaning, but you should also supplement this with an annual deep clean so that your rug is truly devoid of dirt rather than simply giving the appearance of being so all in all.