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How Did Carpet Cleaning Work in The Past?

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Our reliance on widespread and prevalent modern mechanisms can sometimes lead to us forgetting that this was not always the way of the world. If we were to take the example of carpet cleaning, there is a pretty good chance that this was something that took over the entirety of someone’s day. This is because of the fact that old school carpet cleaning methods did not have the functional benefits of steam cleaners nor did they have any pressure jets that could loosen dirt up. Instead, they had to rely on rather antiquated techniques that might make you laugh when you hear about them!

One such antediluvian method for rug cleaning near me involved hanging the carpet on a firm clothes line and beating it with a stick. The truth of the situation is that this did loosen up the dirt, although the people that were doing the cleaning likely felt sore and exhausted by the time they were done. After they beat as much dust out of the carpet as they could, the next step was to apply a brush with rigid bristles, making sure that they moved the fibers upwards instead of pushing them back down.

It was only subsequent to these tiresome steps that the washing process began, and it too required a lot of pressing and pushing to force the dirty water out. The fact of the matter is that modern carpet cleaning methods don’t even require ten percent of this effort, so we would all consider ourselves lucky that we were born in the current era of mankind since life would have been significantly harder if we had lived in the past.